Rzeczowniki (Nouns), ćwiczenia z gramatyki angielskiej

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Polecenie: Put in much, many or a lot of
poziom ćwiczenia: 0

  1. How sugar do you take in your tea? Two spoons, please.

  2. I have work to do so I can't go out tonight. I'm sure we'll have occasions to spend an evening together.

  3. We didn't buy food yesterday but we still spent money.

  4. How days is she going to spend in Italy? Is she going to visit places?

  5. Your paper is very good. You didn't make mistakes.

  6. She seems a bit tired but in fact she's still got energy.

  7. Have you got luggage? Have you brought clothes with you?

  8. I don't have friends where I live.

  9. I had time so I managed to prepare food for the party.

  10. How exams have you got? Will you need to put in effort to pass them?

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