Cechy charakteru - ćwiczenia ze słownictwa

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Polecenie: Create sentences by choosing the correct words.
poziom ćwiczenia: intermediate

  1. I was   when I saw that Roberta was wearing the same dress as me.

  2. Our day trip to the seaside was really  .

  3. You need to be a very   person if you're a taxi driver.

  4. Don't be so  ! Share your sweets with the other children.

  5. Karen's very   and has hardly any friends.

  6. I found it very   to be a witness in court.

  7. Peter is rather   of his elder brother's success.

  8. It's hard to be   when you don't have much money.

  9. One should never be   to a pet dog.

  10. Henry is   on becoming a dentist.

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