Rzeczowniki (Nouns), ćwiczenia z gramatyki angielskiej

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Polecenie: Put in few, a few, little, a little.
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  1. I have money so I can get the cinema tickets for us.

  2. Jane's got friends who are single so I'll ask her to introduce you to them.

  3. There's flour left so unfortunately I can't bake a cake.

  4. I've got very winter clothes so I'm going shopping next week.

  5. I can make you some toast. There's honey if you like.

  6. When did you last play tennis? weeks ago.

  7. She shouldn't worry. Compared to me she has very problems.

  8. Mark gives me love and tenderness and that's enough for me.

  9. I've been skiing times and really enjoyed it.

  10. Sue pays me attention and it's really upsetting.

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