Rzeczowniki (Nouns), ćwiczenia z gramatyki angielskiej

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Polecenie: Put in the correct form of the plural.
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  1. Look! There are two mouse running away from those cat.

  2. Leave those box in your bedroom and come here.

  3. My brother each weigh around seventy kilo.

  4. I don't like fruit but I love all vegetable, especially tomato.

  5. Both of my ex-wife were English and they were both very nice lady.

  6. Natalie is always losing her handkerchief.

  7. I love my grandfather's story about wolf.

  8. My child built two snowman in front of the house yesterday.

  9. None of the passer-by saw the two car crash.

  10. I want to take photo of man and woman from different country.

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