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Opis gramatyki: Future Continuous - budowa

  1. Their aunt will be   her tomatoes this afternoon.

  2. Our teacher is sick so another teacher will be   classes with us.

  3. Maria is a singer. She will be   every day next month.

  4. This time next week I will be   bridge with my dad.

  5. The secretary will be   export documents in the afternoon.

  1. It's the last day of the month today, so the accountant will be   the payroll today.

  2. I'm so sleepy. Next weekend I will be   all day.

  3. Martin will be   his car at six o'clock.

  4. Sarah and Jordan will be   their Christmas shopping tomorrow morning.

  5. This dress is dirty. I don't have time to wash it, so I won't be   it tonight.

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