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Polecenie: Create the adjective from the given word:
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Opis gramatyki: Przymiotniki angielskie

  1. Her uncle is niceness. He gave me a bunch of flowers.

  2. That building is very largeness. How many levels are there?

  3. Your room is really loveliness and so comfort.

  4. The cave is darkness so don't forget to take a torch.

  5. My bags are lightness. I don't need a trolley.

  6. Last Sunday the sun was so brightness that we spent all day on the beach.

  7. The kitchen is cleanliness. You needn't tidy it.

  8. I'm looking for someone strength to help me with the furniture.

  9. His touch was so gentleness that I quickly felt much better.

  10. This exercise is very simplicity. I'm sure you'll find the solution.


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