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Report the statements using the correct forms of the verbs.

poziom ćwiczenia: B1

Opis gramatyki: Przykłady zdań w mowie zależnej

  1. Fred says: "I don't feel very well."
    You report: "Fred told me he   well."

  2. A baker says: "These cakes are half price."
    You report: "The baker   about a special offer on some cakes."

  3. You say: "I'll see you tomorrow, Danny."
    You report: "I told Danny I'd see him  ."

  4. Rex says: "Can you help me with the car?"
    You report: "Rex   me to help him with his car."

  5. A doctor says: "Your blood pressure is a little high."
    You report: "My doctor told me that my blood pressure   a little high."

  1. Caroline says: "Would you like to come to my party on Saturday?"
    You report: "Caroline   me to her party on Saturday."

  2. Malcolm says: "Let's go swimming this afternoon."
    You report: "Malcolm   we went swimming that afternoon."

  3. Leonard says: "Why don't you change that old car of yours?"
    You report: "Leonard asked me why I   my old car."

  4. You say: "Your prices are a bit high, I think."
    You report: "I told the manager I   the shop was expensive."

  5. Bob says: "I'll pay back the money I owe you as soon as I can."
    You report: "Bob   to pay me back as soon as he can."

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