Cechy charakteru (A1-B1) - ćwiczenia ze słownictwa

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Polecenie: Create sentences by choosing the correct words.
poziom ćwiczenia: intermediate

Słownik tematyczny: Cechy charakteru po angielsku - poziom A1-B1 (zdjęcia i wymowa)

  1. I find it very   that most of my pupils are often late for class.

  2. Most of my teachers are quite   with pupils.

  3. I was   yesterday when I walked home in a terrible storm.

  4. Brian was so   when the local sports centre closed.

  5. Both my daughters seem to be   on music.

  6. Jodie was badly   when Alan ended their relationship.

  7. Be   at the dentist's and do everything he says.

  8. I tried to persuade Kim to stay with the company but I was   in my efforts.

  9. My mother has always been   when she goes shopping

  10. Kevin is   even when the boss shouts at him.

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