Cechy charakteru (A1–B1) – ćwiczenia leksykalne

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Choose the correct words to complete the sentences.

Wybierz właściwe słowa do uzupełnienia zdań.

  1. You'll need more than just sunglasses to be  .

  2. Mick must be   to think that Carol will go out with him.

  3. My brother's very   and you can ask him anything about himself.

  4. Everybody at the health club is very  . I really like going there.

  5. That guy in the corner can be   if he doesn't like the look of you.

  1. You shouldn't be so   if you want to get fitter.

  2. I'm so   that I passed my driving test.

  3. There's a lot of food in the fridge if you feel  .

  4. I almost fell asleep when I went out with Gavin because he's so  .

  5. I don't understand anything the teacher says. Maybe I'm  .

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Great pages. Great exercisses for me. Thanks