Słownictwo angielskie - poziom średniozaawansowany B1 - ćwiczenia ze słownictwa

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Polecenie: Create sentences by choosing the correct words.
poziom ćwiczenia: intermediate

Słownik tematyczny: Słownictwo angielskie - poziom średniozaawansowany B1 (zdjęcia i wymowa)

  1. The   of ancient China fascinates me.

  2. I'm afraid I have to   with you about your sales forecast.

  3. My children say that green vegetables are  .

  4. You can leave your   in the garage overnight.

  5. The weather is very   for the time of year.

  6. How many   is it to London?

  7. Have you been working in the   longer than me?

  8. We need a   holiday this year, maybe in Ireland.

  9. I scored the most   in today's rugby match.

  10. My brother says he can install the new   next weekend.

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