Słownictwo angielskie - poziom podstawowy A1 - ćwiczenia ze słownictwa

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Polecenie: Choose the word that fits the context.
poziom ćwiczenia: elementary

Słownik tematyczny: Słownictwo angielskie - poziom podstawowy A1 (zdjęcia i wymowa)

  1. We'll have a great view of the sea from the top of that   over there.

  2. I need a better   to cut this meat.

  3. I want to sign this document but this   doesn't work.

  4. My mother gave me some   for the front garden.

  5. How many   of bread would you like with the soup?

  6. You forgot to get some   from the cash machine.

  7. I phoned the company two days ago but haven't had   yet.

  8. The morning was nice but it rained a lot in the  .

  9. I don't have   to do this evening.

  10. We had a lot of problems for a while but we   did it.


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