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Polecenie: Insert an/a/the/- where necessary.
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Opis gramatyki: Przedimek nieokreślony a/an w języku angielskim

  1. Do you mind closing window? room's pretty cold.

  2. Has your new house got garden? Yes, and flowers are absolutely beautiful.

  3. How often do you go to dentist? Twice year.

  4. Is there restaurant nearby? Yes, there is one around corner. restaurant is cheap but good.

  5. Look at moon! It looks so huge! sky is beautiful tonight.

  6. I'm angry because car needs repairing again. I should get new one.

  7. Jane is doctor and she works in hospital.

  8. We're going to theatre in evening. play is supposed to be really funny.

  9. Did Kate find jacket she wanted? Yes, she did. It's very pretty one.

  10. We went out to pub last night. It was nicest pub in city centre.

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