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Choose the correct form (Future Simple vs. Future Continuous)

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Opis gramatyki: Future Simple - zastosowanie

  1. My wife   a charity ball all next week.

  2. Samantha and her colleagues are preparing an advertising campaign. but they are worried it  .

  3. Where are the kids? You check in the garden, and I   the house.

  4. I'm too tired to continue working on this project. I   a few days off.

  5. I believe I   the right answer to the question.

  1. My umbrella is broken. No problem, I   you mine.

  2. Don't disturb us tonight, please. We   some problems.

  3. I promise I   it as soon as I finish lunch.

  4. My sister hopes she   as a key account manager.

  5. I can't see you on Saturday evening. I   a speech in London.

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