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'Will' or 'be going to'? Put the verb into the correct form.

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Opis gramatyki: Future Simple - zastosowanie

  1. She knows he phoned her again but she not/phone him back.

  2. Let's go to the restaurant. We pay for you.

  3. He doesn't know how to use that tool. He hurt himself.

  4. I need some help with English. I help you because I'm good at it.

  5. you/eat that apple? Can I have it?

  1. Why did she hoover the whole flat? have a party?

  2. I've read all my books so I buy some new ones next month.

  3. Mike probably/arrive in Poland tomorrow night.

  4. That window is too high. She not/reach it. you/give her a hand, please?

  5. What about your new job offer? Oh, I've made a decision. I not/take it.

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