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Complete the sentences using Future Continuous.

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Opis gramatyki: Future Continuous - zastosowanie

  1. you/stay long at your friend's house?

  2. Call me around 8. We not/have dinner then.

  3. This time next year I not/manage my business any more.

  4. Sue/play basketball with you in the afternoon?

  5. My parents not/prepare for their journey until tomorrow.

  1. you/call Jim tomorrow? Can you ask him to contact me, please?

  2. I not/discuss our problems with him all night.

  3. you/still/teach at the same school this time next year?

  4. We not/do anything special next week so we can go to the seaside with you.

  5. you/talk to George soon? I need to get some information from him.

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