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Complete the sentences using Future Continuous:

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Opis gramatyki: Future Continuous - zastosowanie

  1. I not/rest at all next week because I prepare my project.

  2. you/pass the bank when going to work tomorrow?

  3. Can I come at five? Not really. I teach English to my daughter.

  4. Kate answer e-mails all morning tomorrow.

  5. Peter/ride his bike this afternoon? Can I borrow it?

  1. She can't meet us around four o'clock because she still/work.

  2. I not/cook all day tomorrow. We can go out for a coffee in the afternoon.

  3. visit our grandmother next week? I need to give her those pills I told you about.

  4. Next month at this time they leave for their honeymoon.

  5. Tom not/use his computer this evening so you can come and check your e-mails.

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Thank you, ang.pl ~!! ٩(- ̮̮̃-̃)۶

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W 6 jest błąd, nie ma "still" które jest w rozwiązaniu.

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