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Polecenie: Complete the sentences using Past Simple.
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Opis gramatyki: Past Simple - budowa

  1. I write a letter, then I check it and put it into the post box.

  2. Kate lose her wallet three times last year and each time it really upset her.

  3. I know the answer but I get nervous and forget it.

  4. It be very cold in the room so I close the window.

  5. John speak to her yesterday and tell her about his wedding.

  1. The Second World War break out in 1939 and end in 1945.

  2. I leave Spain six years ago, I fly to France and start a totally new life.

  3. We first meet in 1990 and it take us five years to decide to marry.

  4. Mary change completely when her husband fall seriously ill.

  5. They go fishing last week and catch plenty of fish.

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PAST simple Past continous PAST perfect

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Grażyna Grażynić Grażyniec

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