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Polecenie: Create the adjective from the given word:
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Opis gramatyki: Przymiotniki angielskie

  1. My book is too science. Students won't understand it!

  2. My trousers are too tightness. Maybe I need to lose weight?

  3. After spending five years in prison, he was freedom at last.

  4. Your problem seems to be really difficulty.You should think of going to a psychologist.

  5. The lake is depth so be careful!

  6. It wasn't necessity to buy so much mineral water.

  7. The river was shallowness so Paul could swim without supervision.

  8. The bus was so slowness that the journey took ages.

  9. This book is really boredom. I advise you not to read it!

  10. Picasso was a very talent artist.

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