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Polecenie: Put adjectives in the corect order:
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Opis gramatyki: Przymiotniki angielskie

  1. This is a huge/old/strange/haunted house.

  2. Your mum is a tall middle-aged/sociable person.

  3. I've just seen a round/Chinese/green/lovely lamp in the shop window.

  4. It was a long/active/fantastic summer.

  5. Mark lifted up a black/huge/heavy/stone statue.

  6. She has many pink/high-heeled/beautiful shoes.

  7. Susan hired out a American/blue/new/fast car.

  8. A yellow/lovely/small butterfly flew into our house.

  9. They have to buy many Arabian/rare/small/purple flowers.

  10. You work for a large/dangerous group of people.

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