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Polecenie: Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous? Provide the correct form of the verb.
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Opis gramatyki: Present Perfect - zastosowanie

  1. I travel for three weeks and I visit four countries so far.

  2. I not/make a decision yet. I need more time.

  3. You're going to be fat! You eat sweets all day.

  4. She drink all the juice. The bottle is empty.

  5. Look at her hair! What on earth she/do with it?

  1. I make sandwiches for an hour. I've made enough, I think.

  2. I just/make us some sandwiches. Help yourself.

  3. She dance since eight o'clock. She must be exhausted.

  4. That man stand at the bus stop for the last twenty minutes. We have to tell him the bus already/leave.

  5. Jane sleep since ten o'clock. Wake her up!

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