Wspólna nauka do CPE / Let's prepare together for CPE! (Warsaw)

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Hi there. I'm looking for someone who wants to prepare for the CPE exam together with me in Warsaw. I think you don't need to attend a course in order to pass it with flying colours. There are, however, two skills that are quite difficult to hone without a course, i.e. speaking and writing. That's mostly why I decided to look for another person with a similar goal.

Here's a few ideas of how our cooperation could look like:

- we could exchange our materials
- we could motivate each other (setting both short- and long-term objectives should work like a charm)
- obviously, we could/should have conversations and check each other's compositions

All details can be arranged upon contact. Any new ideas are welcome. Feel free to drop me a line with a few words about yourself, preferably at [email]



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