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phantom pain: Luckily, my dad didn't suffer as you do from this. But pain was a familiar bedfellow of his. He died of heart failure, but was battling bone cancer for some time prior. It's the fourth anniversary of his death tomorrow (or your today). I miss him. He'd be happy I was going to Poland and arranging for the confimration of Polish citizenship for me and the boys. :) He was born in Wawa. I'll be visiting some relatives while I'm there.

Savvy, I'm sorry about the pain. I really am. I wish that more could be done to make your brain stop firing neurons in such an excrutiating way.

6'2 huh? Well, I'm no krasnoludek...I'm 5'11. :)
Sorry for your dad , I know how you must be feeling. But remember your dad “lives” in the perpetuous infinite eternity and doesn’t suffer any longer. My late mum was also born and bred in Warsaw and actually she was that person who’d sparked my passion for English language. May God rest their souls. RIP.
dzieki sav,
mostly I want the day to be over and start fresh tomorrow
Can something(thing or person) be EGREGIOUS in both remarkably good and bad sense?
I'm slightly baffled by this adjective.

"There are some egregious examples of yada yada yada" - meaning distingushed,renowned,eminent and remarkable in good sense ?

"There sre some egregious examples of yada yada yada" - meaning outrageous, gross and flagrant in bad sense ?
I know I'm going to be sorry for what I am about to do... :)
check out this website

(egregious is one of the listed words)

I can't believe I am enabling your obsession.
Thank you for the link Siunia :) A bit of more words wouldn't do any harm to anyoone though some( but onle some :) of them are not alien to my ears. But there are good examples of usage. Good !:)
Yes, I liked the usage in particular. Definitions only go so far to further one's understanding

"a bit of more words"

"a bit more" albo "a few more"
here I would use "a few more" words, rather than "a bit more"
"words" are countable nouns
Of course, thank you :)
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