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what has everyone been up to lately?
I coloured my hair dark brown yesterday; I think it goes better with my evil nature. I've been a dark blonde for the past year or so, but I don't think it suited my personality well.
I've been busy hacking and wheezing (recovering from a cold that started before the cookie party).
I also had the pleasure of experiencing the first migraine of my life on Monday...lovely experience. I didn't know that nausea could be a constant companion of excrutiating head pain. [Boys went to visit Char in Burlington, I stayed home in a dark room]
FINALLY feeling better!!
We're off to Buffalo today, we have tickets to watch Canada vs. Norway in the world junior hockey tournament. The boys are very, not so much, but it will be good to actually venture outdoors.
So, raven-haired tresses? Going through a "goth" stage or something? Shall I send eyeliner?
Any plans for New Years? We're going to Maria's place to bring in 2011.


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