New Year Resolutions

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1. Does anyone make any New Year Resolutions?
2. What are they?

1. yes.
2. This year I'm going to lose weight and go out with a man in his 20s. Also to renovate my flat so that I can invite him back for 'coffee'.
1. This year - yes
2. This year I have a very ambitious plan to read the two girly magazines that I subscribe to every month once they arrive in my mailbox. The last couple of years I procrastinated and had a foot-high pile of magazines in the corner of my bedroom calling out to me every night Read me. Read me!. Finally I caved in around October/November and as God and siuniab are my witnesses, I read some 30 issues in a couple of months.
1. sorta
2. i) I have to get back to writing; ii) have to crack open the french books eva kindly gave me (they were underneath all her magazines) and iii) do a little more physical activity
I’m trying to lengthen the gap of ‘not thinking’ between thoughts to make it last for at least 3 seconds. I do it several times a day. It’s like a ‘registry booster’ to your mind. I think it helps to clear your mind or maybe it only seems to me that way, I don’t know.
It’s not much of a New Year resolution on my part though. Other than that, my resolution is to have no resolution because I don’t need anything and I don’t want anything.
I got everything I need.
Wait, I lied. I think it’s time for me to get rid of a stick finally and switch to an automatic one.


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