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I am an American that is coming to Poland for three months this summer to gather information to write a history book. I am going to need an interpreter to accompany me on my trip to all the regions of Poland. I have sent want ads to several of the larger universities within Poland but they do not seem to reply. Perhaps their bureaucracy ate my emails. I was hoping to find an English speaking student on summer break for this job. Regardless, I have been directed to this website as a possibility to help get the word out about this job offer. Does anyone have a better idea for me to get more applications?
I hope I do not get kicked off this website for posing this type of question.
Can I enter my email address to receive more information or is it OK to use this forum?
Try finding a FB group for Polish translators. Your search keyword would be "tłumaczenia" / "tlumaczenia". You may also try posting your message on similar groups for students of lingwistyka (linguistics), which in Poland means studying to be a translator / interpreter, or anglistyka, which is the study of English as a university programme. Good luck!

I wrote you a private message here.
There is a website 'Polish forums' where it is more likely that you would find someone to meet your needs.
Been there, i've contacted who helped me to communicate in Poland and start learning polish.
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