how about censorship?

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the more forums I get to know the more I avid censorship fan I become. Maybe democracy and freedom are not such a good things after all.
Do other forums allow excessive use of an offensive language?

And my immediate question regarding this sentence is: How, the heck, I should use \"an\" here, if use at all? I always have problems with abstract nouns; book, house - no problem... :(
To my mind, no articles are necessary in your sentence.
\"a language\" may refer to an existing language, e.g. Polish is a Slavonic language
Thus, \"an offensive language\" would refer to a special kind of language and would include more than words.
\"offensive words\" = \"offensive language\". You wouldn\'t put an article before the phrase with \"words\", right?

As to \"(an) excessive use\", I think I\'ve heard both, but I would prefer to omit the article in this phrase too.

> book, house - no problem

OK, buy me a book, or a house, will you please, Cebulka :-)
Thank you Mg

Detached or semidetached?
In my opinion, every internet forum should be moderated so as to keep it free from so-called spoilers and people who insult the others. If you want to see a forum which is not moderated enough, just check this out:


By the way - I\'m a new user here, hello :)
welcome to the forum:)))
yeah...but that theme is about sex \"and stuff\".... how can you control that?
YEEEESSSS!!!! and tons of it!!!! People that are worried about fowl language on their forums should buy/copy a version of software that protects them from \"BAD\" words! It\'s as inexpenisve and easy as it can get.
instead of saying to fuck sb, you would say: to have sex/sexual relations with someone/get intimate with sb etc.

instead of saying finger fuck you say masturbate
instead of saying ass fuck you would say anal sex
instead of saying put a vibrator in one\'s would say dildo fuck

and so it goes. Once you get a hang of it, it becomes quite easy.

Hope it answers your question :)
offensive language is one thing. Actually I don\'t mind seeing words like ass or fuck - it all depends on the sentenced they appear in.
But what I do mind are stupid people, spoilers, spammer... just like in a non-virtual life.
what I meant was that there is no need to control that (\"sex and stuff\") as that forum is especially designed for this sort of thing, but this fact probably skipped your attention.
The forum I mentioned is ruled by hundreds of teenagers who do nothing but spank and post extremely stupid or revulsive things about the other users; for that reason it is just impossible to discuss antyhing there. Every forum.o2 is in the similar condition - never mind the topic - due to the lack of moderation. \'Sex and stuff\' does not matter.

The spankers (?) use this program to express their emotions:
Does anybody know something similar to it in English? ;)
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