Only for anoracks

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Why are 21st February and 26th September important for linguists?
Trying to imagine suitably geeklike behaviour for linguists. Can't wrap my head around the behaviour that one normally associates with "anorak" i.e. trainspotting, Star Trek episodes.

The semi-annual release of super-special dictionaries or word lists perhaps?
sorry, I did mean 'anoraks'- someone who is too much into linguistics at the cost of everything else.
ok, I'm crying "uncle" here.
What big event will be happening on those dates?
I googled the dates and now I know ;p
please dopn't tell anybody else, make them do the research themselves. I didn't know either till David Crystal whispered them in my shell like.
sorry, should be:
please don't tell...
Had to do a Wiki search to find out. I suppose most linguists I know wouldn't know those dates are important in any way. :-) Then again, I am no linguist.

Here's another interesting date - 30th September. Not for linguists as such but deffinetly for people who work with languages in a certain way.
Shoot - goodness knows why I wrote definitely as "deffinetly". A thousand pardons.
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