I'm ambivalent about cats....

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but this is a sweet story :)

That was a touching story indeed.
So you find it quite moving, don’t you ? But it’s still at variance with your feelings towards these lovely animals. But what should then your ambivalence towards cats be translated into otherwise ?
I have a love-hate relationship with cats. I've got three strays now that live somewhere under the porch. I'm not cruel enough to let them starve so I feed them, but I won't be heartbroken if one day they get run over by a car. Others did, so these ones will probably, too.
I put cats (esp. strays) in the same category as squirrels: suicidal rats with bushy tails.
So on the one hand you get soppy at frozen and ravenous strays, but on the other, you don’t mind if they were killed. You’re really a tough girl. But it has nothing to do with ambivalence in my opinion.
It’s just doubletalk ,something like “ you know, I really wish you well but better just f**k away. I ‘m sorry if my judgement is too far-reaching but couldn’t reserve it. I’m entitled to my opinion after all, am I not ? :)

P.S. Many strays are more intelligent than some visitors of this forum just because they can perfectly cope with difficulties in “their present” natural environment. They are predators by nature and even if you don’t feed them they will surely find or hunt something to survive. May be even another “suicidal rat” or whatever. And even if they “commit suicide” when they ‘re run over, they don’t do it consciously as opposed to some humans.
average writing eva
Chciałam, aby wszyscy zrozumieli. Nie wszyscy na tym forum znają angielski na wysokim poziomie więc z reguły zawsze obniżam poziom - so called "dumbing down".
Ewciu, dlaczego sie bronisz?
Ja, przeciez jestem wielka znawca jezyka ang (bo cholera pisze BLOGA!!) i mi sie bardzo podoba twoj jezyk (no i poczucia humoru).

potrzebny jakis ?
No no no. Not defending myself. Perfection does not need to defend herself. Ha ha. I merely explained to her why it was "average writing". Does the period go inside the quotes here? Anyway, she probably wouldn't recognize good writing if it landed on her forehead. The woman is surreal.
Mirabella, be nice and don't try my patience please, ok ? You'd better repair to the nearest knowledge box to plug away at your mental blocks.
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