Seasons Greetings

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To all those who make this forum just what it is -
(from the newbies to us old timers)

A Very Merry Christmas and a Wonderfully Happy New Year to you all.
thanks terri, back at ya :)

Stay warm and enjoy the Holiday Season with family and friends.
Happy Xmas to both of you darlings :D
Following Merix :
I sende yow ladies and knights in shining armure my warme Christmas gretinge in all sincerity. :)))
Bob till you drop girls and boys, and take the most of its revelries...
I thanke ye with all my hearte.
Wishing everyone lasting memories and love-filled moments this Christmas.
dumbe-humbas-ne-mahon-beorkan-style of Xmas greetings?
Nice, but with a bit of coffee-ringed to make it hot-up-doll, no? what you think? :)
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