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I'm coming to Krakow at the end of May for a few days.
If anyone is interested in practicing their English with me (and I warn you beforehand, it will be extremely hard work, as I take no prisoners), we could meet for a drink/coffee.
Please leave contact details gg/email and I will contact you.
I can already imagine you cracking your whip at some tdh spiky neckband.
Thank God Siunia didn’t have one. :) (a broad reminiscent smile glistened on his face.)
I'm getting all the dirt on you on Thursday, savvy :)
No,no, I don't think she won't spill all our private stuff that quickly.
Unless it's about those pictures showing me in my birthday suit :)
I mean ..I think.. :)
I focus on work for a few measly hours today and then all he** breaks loose.

The two of you are like two "stare babcie" gossiping about their neighbours.
SHEESH, is nothing sacred?
Zawiodles mnie sav...
Didn't you learn the iron-clad rule about not "kissing and telling" w szkole podstawowej???
and I hate to have to correct you Sav, but I was the one glistening.
I'm sorry dear, we've benn bitching a little bit .. but I just wanted Eva prepared a little bit for a shock and possibly save her from having a heart attack. :)
I would threaten to tell her the "whole truth", but that wouldn't help my ruffled pride...and you would still come out this smelling like roses.
Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt to make her a teeny bit jealous at my good fortune.

You are too generous in your assessment but I won’t talk you out of it.
Let it slide whatever you feel it’s ‘appropriate’, ma’am (giggling), but please don’t leave me completely without a pot to piss in. :)
dearest, I swear you'll come out the better for it. :)
naughty man
I don't want to prevent you from having this 'remarkable' conversation but after 8 months of reading your posts on this forum, sav, I can deduce 3 things:
- Your english level is beyond the C2 level :P
- Your posts give me an inclination to learn english lol
- You impress me :)

see ya
Oh my Lord, not another acolyte!!

Sav: I think people need reminding that I am a perfect foil for your "creativity" (if that's the word we're using today).
Obviously, siuniab, you are the person that has helped sav a lot on this forum to extend his vocabulary? Anyway, I'm certainly not going to copy his way of speaking the language and using words so don't worry I'm not an acolyte :)
I would prefer the word "inspire", but that's just me.

"acolyte" was a dig directed at Sav, not you
Sav is just that good. You have to get it in your head. Nobody helped him to extend the vocab, he did it by himself long time ago and somehow managed to get other people copy him :)

Just find your own style and use the vocab you like without playing somebody's cards. Also, I don't get it when people say "I am not desirious of Sav's language, sometimes it's too complex to get the gist when is quickly needed."

But maybe that's the way his brain works - it makes simple things too complex - and there's nothing we can do really to stop it. We must decipher and crack that code every now and then (those in the know - know what I mean) and let him brainwash our minds, as, ostensibly, he is fully failing to get the message across and is lost in his self-contemplating "I-linguistics" that most of the people just can't understand and say it's bullshit, nothing else.

As for me, it's just the way he talks and writes, without any show-off or marvel, normal talk for those who get it and want to play with words a bit.

Siunia is a native and she doesn't need to teach Sav anything, well, except other things.
merix kochanie,
savvy doesn't need teaching

Where is the man anyway??
any man does

lol :)
It’s all relative though,guys, isn’t it? As a child, no one is intrinsically designed to speak any specific language equally well as he does it being an adult and there ( or here ? :) lies the rub. What I mean is that we, as adult learners of any particular language, always find ourselves in “the invidious position”, so to speak, compared to those ‘born and bred’ natives and whether we like it or not we’ll probably never acquire that intangible and subtle semantic mastery we’re striving for regardless. At least for me, it proved to be a bigger handicap than I’d thought. But we're all 'good' as long as can provoke someone's 'creative ire' I think.
For example, I’d love to have my right leg traded in for both Siunia’s native competency and MG’s linguistic reasoning because this is something I feel I lack desperately ( although I don’t even like ‘the former mentioned’ as I once said but I love the way she speaks :) but again I know such “transmogrification” is never possible.

I‘d like to quote someone who needs no introduction. He’s been a top reading matter for me since I read through his “Syntactic Structures” some time ago.
I think it’s strikingly relevant to what I’ve been “beating my chops” about here.:)

quote….that a substantial part of our knowledge is genetically determined “ … “he has provided evidence that “ unconscious knowledge” is what underlies our ability to speak and understand, close quote.
(Neil Smith about Noam Chomsky in (“Ideas and Ideals”)
I think you meant to say:
does any man???

very different meaning ::))

and yes, they absolutely do (need teaching)
oh stop going on about nothing and say something nice about ME.
stupid men
Already did :) ok , You're very sweet, very sweet, and very warm ... and very ...

"sweet" is the equivalent to "nice" in girl-speak; used to describe a man when there is absolutely nothing else to say.

You are definitely out of practice moj drogi
You'll have to tell me everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, tomorrow. You should take public transportation so you can drink :)
Already crossed my mind....
the drinking part I mean
That's correct. A sweet man to taka męska ciapa. No, he can't fix things, but he's sweet.
Aren't you glad I'm back (on the forum)
(smiling wickedly)
I am :)
And you're BAAAAD, not sweet.
Hey, wait a second ,gals, it's wrong ,I raise an objection to ‘sweet” being tunafish or whatever..:))

Say, you take a Veuve Clicquot-shower and then your humble ‘slowpoke-dead-pan” ? licks it all off you, wouldn’t it taste sweet then ? Ok, maybe a little bit sour at the end:))
You should know Siunia that because of you, I’ve just eaten a whole jar of mayo. I just couldn’t resist it this time. It is my greatest delicacy and I’m just losing my mind when these beautiful jars are in my immediate vicinity.:)

So inverting ‘sweet’ to ‘the delicacy of her touch and voice was much of that Clicqout and an old Port blended together perfectly…. Would this do ?
I'm going to bug the place. I'll know everythig I wish to know. :)
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