Potrzebuję pomocy z kilkoma ćwiczeniami z fonetyki

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1. What errors can we expect in the Polglish pronunciation of the following words: don't, sentence, America, country, singing, bad, cotton, expensive, mother, develop. Explain the type and the source of error

2. Which processes of connected speech (name them) will operate in the following phrases across word juncture:

a/ wasn’t good /2 processes/
b/ ten cups
c/ good girl
d/ these shoes
e/ vodka and tonic

3. What is the structure of the syllable? Isolate individual elements in the following syllables: e.g. /a:/, /tu:/, /kin/.

4. Which sequences of sounds are well-formed syllables of English e.g. /lᴂ/, /pli:/, /toᵑg/

5. What is the possible reduction of the triphthong in the words: ‘flower’ and 'enjoyable', ‘conveyor’, ‘tiredness’?

6. Give 2 examples of English and Polish words with the velar nasal and underline where the velar nasal appears.
English ........................
Polish ............................
Which English contexts with the velar nasal are the most difficult for Poles and why?

7. What mistakes do Polish learners make in words: 'godfather' and 'sheepdog' and why do Poles make such errors?


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