moving to cracow - help appreciated

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I am moving to Cracow (Krakow?) next week to teach English for a while. I'm really looking forward to it, but despite lots of internet research I still have two major questions that I can't find answers to. If anybody could help me out I'd be very, very grateful!

1. Is there anywhere where I can find a comprehensive list of English schools to give my cv to? I have a few but need more. My Polish is still really bad but if someone can give me some pointers, I only need addresses

2. Where can I search for flats? Ideally, i'd like to share with Polish MA students (cheaper, make friends, learn polish quicker etc). Are there any websites/newspapers where I can find such people/flats? Alternatively, if anyone on this forum has any direct info (e.g. they or their friends are looking to share) then please let me know.

Thanks in advance for any replies.
You can find many schools on this site.
Thanks for that, just what I needed.

Does anybody have any information about flat sharing with Polish students?
I'm a student of the English philology and right now I'm looking for a flat with my friend Asia. Probably we will need someone to join us because it would be much cheaper then. Besides if you want to I can teach you some Polish. Well, if you are interested let me know. My phone number: 6[tel]
Lucky one, I left Krakow to live in Uk, english r movin' there to work - there's no justice. Got 2 links bellow - first is in Polish (sorry), 2nd got an english version - maybe u find something for yourself - good luck :),
Don't now much 'bout schools - think I need to find one in Brighton to enriche my e. and socialize little bit... but know which to avoid: Accent or Akcent - can't remember spelling - two of my friends were working for them and often had problems to get their wages on time.
I'll ask my sister about students accomodation - she still studes - probably knows better. If I could any helpfull (tours around Krakow, free time etc.) write: [email] - I'll do my best to help.
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