Przetłumaczenie cytatów z języka polskiego na angielski

Proszę o przetłumaczenie tych 2 cytatów, z góry dziękuję :)

" Życie nie polega na oddychaniu ale na chwilach, które wstrzymują oddech... "

" Każda porażka jest szansą żeby spróbować jeszcze raz.
Tylko mądrzej. "
It doesn't make sense to translate cause these quotes are well known and published in different languages. Especially the second one.
They are easily found on Google.
edytowany przez Aaric: 11 cze 2019
Endevanour to browse and find out ,most of it has been portrayed or depicted outlined via Google ever since
edytowany przez Robbertoxx: 2 dni temu, 16:41
It doesn't make sense to translate cause these quotes
I won't be doing this for anyone..yep it does not make sense ,it does not add up (at all) in this particular case :) Loved the line if someone intent to disagree with your standpoint does not add up = it does not make any contribution to something at all ,, Am I right ??
edytowany przez Robbertoxx: 2 dni temu, 16:26
Perhaps Aaric missing out of endevanour simple as that ,you can find it out all across the google as Aaric have told you
edytowany przez Robbertoxx: 2 dni temu, 16:39
listen through ,read through,and think through .. and then you can master yourself like any one else outside throughout .... , frankly I agreed with the person who had told me the line :) he was right .
edytowany przez Robbertoxx: 2 dni temu, 16:59


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