prosze o sprawdzenie wypracowania-wazne!

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Prosze uprzejmie o sprawdzenie mojego wypracowania. Mam pisać o miejscu, w którym sie znajduje, opisac co w nim mozna robić, jego wady i zalety oraz pogólnie co tam jest, nie pisząc nazwy miejscowości,. Prosze o sprawdzenie poprawności moich paru zdań:)

Iam sitting in the park near Warta River. I am in the town, which is one of the oldest and largest towns in Poland. This is in the north-west of Poland. Here is unique and precious historical monuments. A special attraction is the appearance of two little goats on the Town Hall's tower every noon! Many tourists go here in order that see one of the most valuable monuments of sacred architecture-Parish Church. It's a very beautiful Baroque shrine. We can see important building Przemyslaw's Castle and Dzialynski Palace. However, the city does not only have its history but also its present. This cisty is an important cultural centre. In the morning we can go to Opera and Philharmonic Houses. There are also many museums and art galleries, so we can go there. We can visit two zoos, botanical garden and a palmhouse. Whereas in the night we can go to cinema, night club, discotheques, restaurant. On the other hand, here is very noisy and crowed. Here is a little beens. So behind me is on of the boggest cities in the country, though it is not the capital. Many lots buildings are builting , but in general the city is clean. If you want to avoid the rather expensive restaurants, you can have a drink at a pub. What country am I in? (Poznań)
zgóry dziekuje za pomoc!!:)