Fahrenheit 9/11

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Has anyone seen Fahrenheit 9/11 yet?
I will be going Sunday to see it. Just curious what you guys think about the movie?
Any comments?

I haven\'t seen it yet, so I cannot give my comments. I have seen \"Bowling for Columbine\", though. I liked \"Bowling....\" so I hope I will like \"Fahrenheit 9/11\", too. I try not to read any film reviews or watch trailers before I see it. I am not pro-Bush, to put it mildly, and I am looking forward to see what Michael Moor have to say. I will avoid your theme like a plague then ;o)
...Moore! - those little fat fingers and my rippleless brain...
You \"will avoid it like a plague?\"
I am having a funny feeling you\'re a little testy with me ...am I imagining things maybe????
well, I guess someone is ticked off at me......oh well,......
It is totally subjective againt one texas oilman and The White House, and slicing Bush into pieces was something I liked best ;) Moore suggests that the economy was the main reason of the invasion, which is quite logical to most of thinking people - 9/11 guaranteed that United Defense was going to have a very good year. Not mentioning the position of US as the only \'guard of world\'s freedom\', bla, bla, bla... But we don\'t have to look very far, we are in Iraq as well, fighting in exchange for delusive promises of potential contracts. Watching all those people praising Bush to the skies, I couldn\'t help thinking about Orwell\'s vision. And Farenhait 451 - clear allusion. Still it is a little demagogic, a little created movie, though I have always had the impression that the Americans need something strong to really get the message. No metaphor, just bold question in the face, from which Bush escapes (any advisors nearby ? ;). the movie seems to be well-argued for his point of view. Another thing is how Moore uses the sound - imagination can be the greatest special effect. American cliches gets on my nerves, but not this time - I like travesty :)) Have a nice time ;)
Hi there, not \"maybe\" ;o) I just do not want to read anything about this film and this is the reason why I do not want to visit this theme.

It happened in the past that someone had highly recommended one film to me and it turned out to be absolute dross. I hoped for something better and got disappointed.
\"Slicing\" Bush into pieces is what I REALLY want to see and I think Michael Moore furthers the \"slicing\" agenda beautifully. I can\'t wait to see the movie! Canadians can\'t stand Bush and they refused to be a part of his Iraqi plan....militarilly, politically or any other way. We are still sending some humanitarian help (and also get killed like most others unfortunately) but that\'s as far as it goes. Fahrenheit heats up theaters like you wouldn\'t believe it! Having in mind the fact that it\'s only a documentary it really goes to show the movie is a blockbuster hit! A good reflection of anti-American sentiments in Canada!

CAN\'T WAIT........!!!! :)
Yes, he certainly shows that Americans should grow out of their national naivete, and see the world for the fucked-up place that it often can be.
A propos Moore\'s new ideas, did anyone hear about making a new film on Tony Blair ? Don\'t expect it to be true, but who knows ... ? Could be another smashing success. Probably just a deceitful joke, not taking into consideration Tony\'s heart condition :))
The Americans are soooo full of themselves that it\'s not even funny. Their \"patriotism\" goes way beyond any common sense and that\'s why I think the movie will be a real eye opener for all of them. From what I know making of the movie at first was really rough for Michael Moore and people practiacally got right in his face but he got through it all...a self professed millionaire right now! ...Bin Laden\'s family and other big Saudis poured into Bushes hands some 1.4 billion US dollars in Saudi money. You fly with the crows, you get shot with them...
In any case, I haven\'t heard anything about Tony Blair movie but I think Bill Clinton and Monica would be a good seller too!
\"So, Mr. President...what happened to that cigar?\"
\" well,...(du.....h) I DID NOT have any sexual relations with Mz Lewinsky.\"
\" So can someone remind me where did the cigar end up at the end of your long winded political discussion?\"
\" WELL, that was NOT a sexual intercourse...\"
\"OK Mr President...HOW would you define a sexual intercourse, please?\"

.....18 hours later.....

Obviously you are biased against great American presidents (let us all stand up, please ;) and have been paid off by some extremists wearing dirty towels on their heads to rail on them ;D
goint to see it tonight at 7pm....yeeeepie!!!!
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