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Co tu taki spokój dzisiaj? Nuuuuudno....
Nudno Ci? Seeking a bit of controversy?

What if I say: Every woman, when it comes to a family, should be subjected to a man. What's your take on it? :)
you're so funny merix
use of the verb "subjected to" is rather interesting.
"Subjected to" can have a very negative connotation
E tam, nudno. Zostałam porwana już prawie cimną nicą - 19.38 -
na zakupy. Trafił mi się jakiś regał (raczej regałek, a nawet regaliczek), już sobie go złożyłam i zastanawiam się co to ma być: półki na różności w łazience, szafka na buty w przedpokoju, czy może zostanie przy byurku jako podręczny składzik różnych drobiazgów (budzik, telefon, notes, luźne karteczki, śpiący kot...). I wcale nie jest mi nudno.
A teraz doszło do rozgryzienia co to takiego to "byurko" z mojego poprzedniego postu.
Cimną nicą trydno powidzić.
I'm seeking attention not controversy. I like to be worshipped.
much more interesting topic
Attention Getting Devices (AGDs):
high heels
nice leather boots
a hint of lace

please jump in (there is method to my madness)
Siunia, you can come across various connotations of this verb. It has indeed a bit pejorative meaning, but that's exactly what I wanted to convey. :)

Why are you laughing so loudly Siunia, giving no opnion on this one? :) Mind you, in a patriarchal model of a family the father is always on top and I guess this is what I believe is the best situation for a woman to have.
Cimny nicy nie zauważyłam. Może dlatego, że już cimno bardzo jest. Pora spać.
No one to be had next to your side, Eve? :)

As for me, although I'm in awe of your majestic personality, I don't feel now like admiring or worshipping anyone in a gleeful or whatever way.

You could, for example, challenge me, cause I neeed challenges, in whatever form you like. If you can't come up with any, then I will probably kick you off my imaginary pedestal. You'd better hurry up :)
3 out of 4! What else have you got?
sweetie, I'm well educated and well paid

I have a life partner, not an overlord
thought this might pique your interest :)

a strategic hair toss is always good
Uwyżyj na kpyta.
where's the photo, Eva?

AGD in Polish: fridges, washing machines, cookers. Now that's more like it, when a man is hungry.
boring female stuff, that's a yawner!
darling, you don't take it personally

just tell me what you think in general
It may be boring, but it got me three dates this week alone.
Well...I've got some private photos...
I just told you what I think:
I believe in partnership
Too bad Sav isn't around, he would probably be incredibly forthcoming on small details that catch (and hold) his interest
I think mg may be on to something here...
Sampling a woman's cooking is very important
the curvy scoops of mashed potatoes... two scoops....
Science-fiction, merix. The truth is we have what you crave and unless you behave, you're not going to get it. It's a very simple concept and no magic powers are needed to understand it. And yet, so many of you fail to fully grasp it.
Really, is that hard to make me challenge? Gee, thought you could do it, but not even you. It's often women don't know how to challenge a man, which would explain the man's thoughtlessnes and even in some cases prove that women excuse themselves too often under false pretenses of their helpnessness or sth like that.
Don't really get it.

Sorry to say that Eve, but now you tumbled from your in my mind created throne. I gotta find a new one that would parallel you, hmm. But at least that's kind of challenge.
Did someone say potatoes???
Just polishing off a really good potato salad:
young potatoes, koperek, a hint of dijon and bacon in a creamy base
Food for the gods.
I'm a simple girl
>young potatoes

made me feel senile.
what about sausage and mash (two scoops of your finest potato please)
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