The new Girls Aloud album is available in Poland!

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good news for all polish GA-fans!
I knew it wouldn't be much cop when the man from a good-music-taste-shop asked, incredulously, why on earth I wanted to have it for a listen-test-by. As it turned out later it was a complete budget crap. Sorry folks, but even dead drunk I couldn't listen to it, though, many would try to sober me up. It's just a budget crap trio, nothing more. But that's my opinion. You don't have to agree. :)
>It's just a budget crap trio

I didn't know that two of these pretty girls (couldn't call them singers) died, merix ;-)
GA is the most successful girl groupe in UK chart histrory :P ( 20 signles in the UK top10)

btw. ~merix~ - are you talking about the Sugababes, aren't you?
>GA is the most successful girl groupe in UK chart histrory :P ( 20 signles in the UK top10)

Does it mean that they can sing? :-)

It is only sad that you have to be the best singer in the world to be a star.
We are living in the 21. century and the special show-factor is much more important :)
btw. ~merix~
How do you feel singing to huge crowds ;)
They definitely don't have that X factor. I was singing a bit and know how's difficult it's sometimes. But, let me tell you, they are flat and pitchy, nothing more.

She is just a woman from a crowd, but she is miles ahead of them....
This is what I call singing...
that is what I call: ugly britsh girl

C'mon! Don't be so bitter! I like Girls Aloud I don't care what the ppl say ;)
I like GA too, but I'm not talking about watching them, I'm talking about listening to them.. ;-)

Some compare her to Leona, which is pointless.
She's as good a singer as Leona is.
but Leona Lewis won't survive in the music buisness.
She would be in a star in the 70s or something like that.
She needs affairs if she want to stay on top

love and kisses
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>but Leona Lewis won't survive in the music buisness.

As far as I know, she started her career something like two years ago and her album Spirit has sold 6 [tel]copies.....if you claim that she won't survive, I know nothing.....
we will see

I can't wait to hear her duett with Justin Timberlake :)
Cheryl Cole can't even get(sing) in tune properly. After one X-factor show they had their 5 minutes. What did they sing? Exactly the same thing. What Simon said?

Take a look!
it's not so bad :)

a very good perfomance :)
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