Difference - wanting and want

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>I like that in a woman.

She's single :)
Or maybe...it would more appropriate to say that she's looking for a man? :)
Anyways, there's sth in it :))
>She's single :)

That's because I stay sober the majority of my time.
Oh Eve, you don't want to feel intoxicated anymore? Or is it because you don't want to hear all that flummery from men who adore you? :) Don't tell me you don't enjoy a fling or two, cause that's the best for keeping things alive and yourself turned on, well, at least some women fancy the idea of being adored.

Anyhow, all this screed aside. I'm sure you would certainly go for it if you had met that Mr. Right, am I right? :) I would love to get inside your head and extract all this information you are hiding :) Since that's impossible I would be just glad to know your a bit skewered attitude towards something you call "sobriety in life". Maybe you'll find your divine, physically zany and unflinchingly brave man. I wish you good luck. Keeping things crossed :)
Any changes in your life, Eva? :)
Nope. I'm still sober. Although....there is this Greek god that comes to my college once in a while...
Is that Greek god so hot hot you can't do anything but starring all the time when he's around you? :)
Yes, he is :) And I'm so bold that I do shamelessly stare. I think I've scared him already.
>She's single :)

Letting this engaging personality lie uncultivated is the eighth mortal sin.
Go and get her tiger! :)
>I am loving it - rzeczywiscie sens loving i enyoing jest ten sam :)

That deserves a yes.

>I love it - jesli chodzi o uczucia...o milosc a nie o czerpanie
>przyjemnosci z czegos

And the difference is.. what?
But I failed to add why...
Ir's the more and more thing. Stative is gone, transient is in.
That's how it works in my house.
>>I love it - jesli chodzi o uczucia...o milosc a nie o czerpanie
>>przyjemnosci z czegos
>And the difference is.. what?

Maybe you should brush up on your ancient Greek?
Greek gods have nothing to do with it.
You tell me the two apart.
Are you still there?
Hey, patience, I like it slow.

Greek gods have everything to do with it. You don't have to love them (too much work), but you certainly must enjoy one or two in your lifetime. In your case, it might have to be a goddess, but that's really a technicality.
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