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W: could uou tell me about offers you have got?
Travel agent: We have got hotel near San Gimigano in Italy.
Hotel"Casa Giovane" it is Fifth stars. All meals are also included in price. Flights take one hours too from Florence. Transport from the aiport assures hotel.
Woman: Coul you tell me about cost please?
TA: Depends on which month you want to go? (zalezy w którym miesiacy chciałaby Pani jechac lub zależy kiedy chciałaby Pani sie wybrać)
W:Hmmm... I want to go for one weeks in the middle on July
Ag:For one person 1200 pounds costs.
TA:I think that she will spend this for you nicely
W: Woul you like make a reservation fot two people for two weekd in July
TA: Maybe 18 to 25 July??

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