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These days is very important to have a place when we feel safe and carelessly. When I think about places which is the best for me I think definitely about my hometown. It is a small town. There are about five thousand people living there. I spent here almost all my life.
This place is so wonderful because give me a very bright impressions. I remember a time where everything around me was grand, and everything that I came across was new and exciting. I remember growing up on Disney movies,climbing trees and first love. Every day I rode a bike with my cousin. As a child I played in the garden. I met a lof of friends. I love this place. There are very helpful and friendly people.
The most fascinating and interesting place of the city is park because I can met with fiends.The park is very wide and there is an adventure playground and dedicated areas especially for children. I feel good there because it has a lot of great greenery. In addition my hometown is surrounded by nature and beautiful landscapes giving a great pleasure to eye. In my opinion my hometown is the best place for reflection. A friendly atmosphere is favourable for dream about the future.
“Memories warm you up from the inside” this quote suggests that I have very beautiful memories from my hometown. There are lots of places in the world worth to live but for me is my hometown. I have a very lovely memories related with my hometown. In this place I met my the best friend. Maybe for someone is only small town but for me this town is part of me.
these days are
have a place where
we feel safe and careless (carefree?)
places which are the best
I definitely think
because gives me
a very bright impression (?)
is the park
I can meet there with friends
In addition to this, my hometown ...
worth living
I have very lovely memories
maybe for someone it is only a small town but for me this town is the part of me


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