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The best book I have ever read is Nostalgia Anioła written by Alice Sebold. It tells about fourteen-year old Suzie who was brutally raped and murdered by her neighbor. Next, she goes to heaven and from that time observes life in advance. She listens the rumors about her disappearance, observes how her neighbor destroys traces of the crime, sees her parents' marriage falls apart. Nostalgia Anioła is the best book because provokes thought and evokes many emotions

The best film I have ever watch is “The boy in the stripped pajamas” directed by Mark Herman . Asa Butterfield plays the main role. It tells about the eight-year-old Bruno who lives in Berlin with his sister and parents. But one day the family moves to the country to accompany his father in his new job. Bruno breaks the prohibition, leaves new home and knows the area. He knows the boy Szmul, who is a Jew and live on the farm, which is extermination camphe They makes friends. After some time Bruno gets on the farm, because he is lonely and want play with Szmul Unfortunatly he goes in the wrong place at the wrong time. This film is very moving .


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