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Dear Merry,

Greetings from London! The weather is warm here and I'm having a wonderful time. I'm staying with my friend Joe. He lives near the city centre.
I've been here since Wednesday and I've already done a lot of things. I've already visited the Hyde Park. We visited it on Friday. You can not imagine how spacious it was! My friend and I together went for a walk there. I saw the Marble Arch and the Artenis Fountain. I've also seen the Tower Bridge. The view from here was awesome. I even swam by motorboat across the Thames. It was exciting! I've been to a traditional Hindu restaurant. Joe took me there, because it's his favourite restaurant.
I ate Dal and Dasa. I've never been to a similar place, the food was just delicious.
There are a lot of things I've haven't done yet. For example-I haven't visited the Buckingham Palace and I haven't been to the British Museum. We're going to visit Buckingham Palace after tommorow and we're going to go to the British Museum one of these days to see the exhibits. We are also going to see the St Paul Cathedral. That place is one of the most famous anglican Church in the UK.
London is a very interesting city-You must visit it sometime. I'm returning to Poland on Tuesday next week, so I'll call you then.

Best wishes,
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Okreslenia spacious raczej sie nie uzywa odnosnie do parku. SWAM by motorboat rowniez zle


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