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Bieszczady Mountainsi s a mountain range that runs from the extreme south-east of Poland through Ukraine and Slovakia.
I went to the Western Bieszczady, it's the part of Bieszczady situated in Poland.
I went there last week and I was for two days. I love that place because of it's spacious and peaceful.
Now, I'm always desperate for a rest in Bieszczady after a hard and stresfull working. That place has made on me an incredible impression. In Bieszczady are distributed plants and animals rare in other parts of Poland. There live such strains which like specially warm. The weather during my walking holiday was cool and dry but very clean.
I started my ramble from the Polonina Wetlinska mountain range and have finished on Tarnica, the highest peak of West Bieszczady. I saw there so many wild animals, for example Brown bearm, wolfes, or Golden Eagle. I've seen it very well, cause I taked with me binoculars.I went past a few flowing streams with crystal clear water. When I get the last peak I had an incredible breathtaking view from it.
I had marvellous holiday. Bieszczady with it's primeval nature and salubrity of a climate is the best place to visit in Poland I would recommend.

edytowany przez klemens001: 11 sty 2014
Nie wiem z tym ramble. To znaczy, ot tak sobie chodzisz bez żadnego kierunku ani celu;)
Use trek instead of ramble.


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