Past Simple-Past Continuous, zastosowanie w tekstach

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Paula was looking out of the window. It was dark and wet outside. Big raindrops was running down the glass. Then she saw them and gasped in horror. Two thin, white creatures was walking towards the window. Her hands begun to shake as she realised that their eyes were starring into hers.

It was raining heavily and the wind was blowing. Sam walked back home. It was very late and the streets were empty. Suddenly, he heard footsteps behind him. They got closer and closer. Sam tourned round and saw a slim woman in a dirty raincoat walking towards him.

Peter was working in the garden. He was digging a deep hole when he found an old silver box. When he opened it, he was suprised to see an old map.
edytowany przez klemens001: 15 sty 2014
krople deszczu splywala
dwa stwory szedl
begun to w present perfect

Sam szedl (byl w trakcie drogi do domu)
were getting closer and closer
obrocic sie - usun jedna litere
OMG !!!
Big raindrops were running down the glass.
Two thin, white creatures were walking towards the window.
Her hands began to shake
Sam was walking back home
Sam turned round...
Cytat: klemens001
OMG !!!

przestraszyles sie tych stworow? Ile ty masz lat? Nie ogladaj tyle horrorow.

Jestem już dorosły ;-)
no to wstydz sie, to tylko stworki.

ej, a one byly duze?
Cytat: mg
no to wstydz sie, to tylko stworki.

ej, a one byly duze?

it was UFO ;]
star, stare;)
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