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Mam przerobić dowobly tekst w jezyku polakim na język angielski. I czy byłby Ktos w stanie sprawdzić czy jest on sensonie i poprawnie gramatycznie napisany? Korzystałem z google tlumacz ale jeżeli chodzi o poprawnośc gramatyczną to z doświdczenia wiem ze nie ma się co powoływać.

po angielsku:

Sharp increase of energy consumption has resulted scientific and technological revolution and rapid population in the world. It is estimated that our civilization has consumed energy, whitch corresponds to approximately 500 billion tons of coal equivalent, wherein the approximately two third of the energy we used in the past century. With the increase consumption of energy have changed proportions used to recover energy carriers. In the early period of civilization, when the energy was used only to prepare meals and heating, natural and at the scale of scale of the use a renewable energy source was wood. Expansion cities has led to a need t find a new energy source, which turned out to be peat. Bur already in the twentieth country, those energy source have proved inadequate. Already at the beginning of the century in England were cut almost all forests and the country began to extract coal and imports oil and gas. Those fuels are considered conventional sources of energy. Contained in their energy is converted into electrical, mechanical and thermal energy. These forms of energy are used by the machine and equipment associated witch lighting, heating, transport, household, agriculture, computer science and medicine. Conventional energy has many advantages: high power density accumulated per unit weigh or volume, availability, low cost, mastered the technology of acquiring energy source and obtained from them same energy.
Simultaneously conventional power brings many dangers: air pollution by combustion products, depletion of the natural sources of energy, devastation of land mines, drilling, transport and storages raw materials and waste.
The energy crisis in 1973, which caused a sharp rise in oil prices and other fuels. Impact of exploitation of fossil fuels on the environment, and the development of space technology increase the interest unconventional technologies for electricity production. Renewable energy source are derived from natural sources related the activity of the Sun, geothermal energy of the Earth and gravitational interaction Moon. Due to the fact that in available to us scale time, those factors aren’t exhausted. They assigned to primary energy sources, which produce different forms of energy as water, wind, biomass. The largest energy stream is transmitted to Earth by the Sun. With the effect of the Sun operates circuit in the nature of water, air movement in the atmosphere (wind), solar radiation which produce ocean currents, heat Earth’s surface and atmosphere and production of biomass. Further primary sources of energy are: energy flux of Earth associated with the decay of isotopes causing increase temperature inside the Earth and Moon’s gravity with caused the tides of the waters.
To external border of the atmosphere reaches the energy flux from the Sun, whose power is over 170 PW. This flux is dozen to 30 000 times the power all devices installed by man on earth. Approx. 30% of the flux is reflacted by the syrfaceof the earth in the form of visible light and ultraviolet. 47% is absorbed and re-issuing the cosmos in the form of infrared radiation, while 23% is the actual radiation flux. So that evaporate oceans, there are winds, and place all of the processes forming and supporting life on Earth. Solar energy in the form of direct (solar radiation) can be used to produce electricity by the method of helio-electric or for the production of thermal energy through the helio-thermal method. Helio-electric method consists of energy conversion solar radiation into electricity using photovoltaics, known in Western literature photovoltaic. Photovoltaic cells are made of crystalline silicon or gallium arsenide cadmium sulphide. The efficiency of the such calls is unfortunately relatively low, ranging from 10-23% depending on the type of cell. Photoelectric cells are used extensively for applications in electronic where access by other sources of energy, especially electricity grid is difficult or very expensive. This method of obtaining energy is widely used in aerospace, what reason is min. thet the solar radiation on earth orbit satellites allows to obtain several times more energy than on the surface of the Earth. The most important advantages this method of obtaining energy is: no pollution waste products of combustion, superfluity of fuel, operator, transport, direct conversion of radiation energy into electrical energy, low operating costs (no need renovation, repairs, etc.) the most important disadvantages of solar photovoltaic systems is their prices. The energy produced by such cells is at the moment a few times more expensive than energy produced in a manner conventional. Factors that affect directly the profitability of producing electricity this method are the efficiency of photovoltaic components, energy which is reaching the concerned geographical region (latitude, climatic condition such as sunlight, number of cloudless days), cost of photovoltaic, the availability of conventional electricity grid, the cost of electricity from conventional sources abstracted. An example of widespread deployment of photovoltaic can by Guadeloupe, team small island in Central American being under French administration program support of this energy sources in 1998, using photovoltaic, have produced 1300 MWh. They are used by more than 1200 individual and collective operators. Helio-thermal method involves the conversion of solar radiation heat, and then either the use of such heat for household installations individual, or applying heat to the turbine driving the generator, generates electricity. We can distinguish at least four ways to use methods helio-thermal. There are: passive use of solar energy systems, soar collectors, solar ponds, power plants helio-thermal.
Passive systems use solar heating of residential building are based on the basic elements of the theory of heat exchange. It is the use of solar energy through appropriate design, in which the functions trays and energy absorbers directly meet the structural elements of the building – walls, windows, porches, conservatories. Passive low-temperature solar energy utilization systems known have been since antiquity and rely on self-movement of heat in buildings.

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A myślisz, że po co byliby tłumacze, gdyby Google Translate tłumaczył poprawnie gramatycznie i z sensem?