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Obecnie wielu studentów decyduje się odbyć przynajmniej część studiów na uczelni za granicą. Napisz rozprawkę, w której przedstawisz wady i zalety studiowania za granicą.

These days many young people tend to go abroad to get a university degree. Studying abroad is not always a good idea What are the advantages and disadvantages of student life away from one's hometown?

The main advantage of studying abroad ist that you are no longer under the supervision of your parents, which helps you to become independent and mature. You have to learn many useful skills, such as cooking and taking care of tidiness. And you do it all when you want, parents do not decide for you.

Another benefit is that you can meet new people and a different culture, which will broaden their horizons.You will have many adventures with them which you will remember till death.

On the other hand, emigration of intelligent young people is not good for the country. The result is lowering the level of native universities. In addition increased number of young people leaving the country means decreased amount of possible good workers staying.

Besides, studying abroad is very expensive. A lot of students who want to study in other country cannot do it because, they do not have enouhg money for this.

Whether it is worthwhile to study abroad? It depends on whether you can afford it. According to me is worth. This is a great chance for young people.

Dzięki :)
take care of tidiness - zamień to na cos innego
przedimki przed number, amount
other country - źle
zdania 2 i 4 od konca wyglądaja jak z translatora
To co w tych zdaniach na końcu poprawić?:)
'for ever / a long time' zamiast till death
coś innego zamiast according to me
nie możesz tłumaczyć 'czy' dosłownie w tym zdaniu
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