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In early March, we went on a school trip to Old Montreal to see the historical part of our city. When we set off it was pleasantly mild, but soon a cold wind began to blow. If I 1) had checked (check) the weather online, I 2) (know) it was going to get chilly and 3) (wear) a heavier coat. We walked around the Old Port and up the Clock Tower for fantastic view of the city. We also went skating in the open air skating rink. If we 4) (have) more time, we 5) (be/able to) take a ferry to Jean-Drapeau Park to see the site of the Expo 67 World's Fair. Our teacher said that if we really 6) ......... (want) to see more, we 7) (come) back again soon. However, we did spend some time at the famous square, Place Jacques Cartier, and enjoyed the many musicians, magicians and acrobats. All in all, it was a great trip. If l 8).................. (be) a teacher, I 9)..... (plan) a trip there at least twice a year because there are just so many things to see and do!
ODP: 2. Would have known 3. Would have worn 4 had had 5. Would have been able to 6 wanted 7 would come 8 were 9 would plan

Zad 2
I'm reading an article about a man who found a million dollars in the street. If this article 1)....... true, that 2) that his whole life should have changed for the better. But the story goes on to say that one year after he had found the money he was totally broke. If I 3) him, that would never have happened. Were I that lucky, I 4) sure that I invested the money wisely. If that man 5) to me, I would have advised him to buy some stocks or begin a business of some kind. If he had done that he 6) out living on the streets now like this article says he is. I believe that if people who 7) the lottery or 8) money stopped to think about the situation for a little while instead of rushing out to spend the money, they would be far better off. people 9) for their future, they will probably 10) much happier.
ODP: 1is 2 means 3 were 4 would make 5had come 6 wouldn't be 7won 8 found 9 plan 10 be
To jest abcd i podałam te kt wedlug mnie sa poprawne, odp toznia sie tylko cześciami trybow
Zad 3
Complete each sentence so that it has a similar meaningto the first sentence. Include the word given.
1As long as you home by midnight, you can go to the concert PROVIDED
You can go to the concert.... Home by midnight.
Odp: provided you are home by midnight
2If there isn't any money in her account, she won't be able to buy the skirt she wants UNLESS
She won't be able to buy the skirt she wants.....money in her account
Odp: unless there is some (dodac te some tam bylo any?)
3We didn't eat lunch because we were late getting to the restaurant WOULD
lf we hadn't been late getting to the restaurant, we....lunch
Odp: would have eaten
4 They only learnt French because you taught them. NEVER
They.....French if you hadnt taught them.
Odp: would never learn
5 She didn't study at all, so she got a poor grade. HAVE
If she had studied she.... A poor grade.
Odp: wouldn't have get
6 I will take you out for a meal, but I must get a pay rise first. GET
Provided ... I will take you out for a meal.
Odp: I get a pay rise
7 She took her computer in to be repaired, so she couldnt send an email. TAKEN
If.... her computer in to be repaired she could have sent an email.
Odp: she hadnt taken
10 if you dont leave now, you will miss your bus. OTHERWISE
You had better leave now... Your bus
Odp otherwise tou will miss your bus
Pisane na hisie wiec sory za bledy :p
mozesz nic nie dodawac przed money
wouldn't have get???
Ojesu tak jak myślalam, przepraszam, jestem zbyt leniwa i skopiowałam druk z kserówki przez aplikacje i wyszło jak wyszło
Wouldn't have got oczywiscie
Reszta ok?
chyba tak

PS. wiesz, że ja piję mlekovite?
Nie bardzo rozumiem :p


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