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Why Don't Woodpeckers Get Brain Damage?
A lot of people think about that why woodpeckers don’t get brain damage when they are beating their head against a hard surface like a tree. Philip May and other researchers from his group observed by using high-speed photography that woodpecker’s beak can travelling at 7 metres per second slams into a tree trunk and in this activity can exceed one thousand times the force of gravity. It is a lot, but they brain is still unspoiled, because they have special adaptations. The first adaptations is that they have small brain and this brain is packed very tightly in the skull cavity. This adaptation prevents the excessive movement of the brain inside the skull. The other adaptations is that they have high surface area to weight ratio, through they small sized. So the impact force is spread over a much bigger area than for example human. The last adaptations is that they minimize side to side movement. Why do they doing? Because if they move their head side to side when they beating their head against trees, there will be placing rotational and sherring stresses on the nerve fibres in the brain.


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