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Napisałam opis monety z podobizną Aleksandra Wielkiego i prosiłabym o sprawdzenie tekstu. Z góry dziękuję :)

I chose a coin with head of Alexander the Great. The coin is nearly in round shape, it is oblate on two opposite sides. Its color is silver. The garnishing is creating by little, round buttons. On the obverse is head of Alexander the Great. He has curly hair and a headband with horn. His face shows, that he is intent and his eyes are focusing on something in the distance. However, Alexander the Great was portrayed as a god and not as a man. People believed, that he was a son of Zeus, because of it he has horn on his head. On the reverse was put Athena. By her left and right side are Greek words. She has her attributes by her side: helmet, oval shield and a spear. On her hand is standing a little person, who has wings on its back and helmet. These object was important in the past, because it was the first coin with human image on obverse and it has started the tradition of portraiture on the coins to the present day. I chose these coin to describe, because it shows me, when the tradition of human beings on coins started. It's also interesting, how people treated Alexander the Great.
is round in shape... oblate się chyba odnosi do kuli a nie do czegoś płaskiego jak monety itp.
On the reverse was put Athena. what?
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edytowany przez Aaric: 18 paź 2017
"I chose these coin to describe", powinno być "this"
These object was important in the past,
Dziękuję za porady :)


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