Sprawdzenie kilku zdań #2

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Friday was emotional for me. I woke up at 11 am after I had been sleeping for 9 hours. Despite of I had slept a lot of I was tired. After I left my bed, I cleaned my body and I ate a sandwich. She was delicious. Then I had been wasting for 2-3 hours for doing nothing, before I was starting learning English and reading about project's patterns. All, what is conneted with programming, is interesting for mine. On the other hand, after I have known better way to learn language, I like more learning every day. I have been learning English every day for one week. It is impressed on myself. However, I wish I could learn only about programming because it has been being my huge love since I started my study. I used to prefer math but I would develop myself in programming only now. I am going to learn a lot of Java, Spring and front-end technology this autumn. At 9 pm, I was sleepy. I was frustrated additionally when I had seen my photo was rated lower than I wanted. My friends made me angry when I had heard they wanted to go to cinema early next day instead of at evening. So, I must have refused them offer and I am staying at home the next day. Before I went to bed, I had watched football and tennis on TV. Unfortunately, Poland lost a stupid goal after penalty and Nadal got injury and stopped the match after second set. It was quite good day.
After I left my bed, I cleaned my body and I ate a sandwich. complikujesz;)))
np After I got up, I took a shower and ate a sandwich.
sandwich nie może być 'she' bo on nie jest kobietą ;))) Wspomniałem o tym we wcześniejszej wersji twojej pracy. Po polsku kanapka i osoba może być 'ona' ale nie w angielskim.Użyj it ;)))
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